Full Moon Ritual

Join this Special event at the next Full Moon, to release negative energies and manifest everything you desire.

Release & Manifest

On Zoom

Using the Moon natural cycle is a great way harness the powerful energy of the Full Moon.

It is the perfect time for clearing & releasing any negative energies and for letting go of what no longer serves us. Start living your best life and use the power of the full-moon to manifest your goals and desires.🌈

Join me for a this Special Ceremony on Zoom, which will include;

– breath-work

– guided meditation with distance reiki (for healing and recharging)

– crystal healing or candle meditation if you have those prepared with you

– mindful movements (you won’t need much moving space)

In preparation;

–  Create a clear and meaningful place in your home;  by decluttering, creating a sacred place with gemstones/crystals, candles, sacred objects, photos or incense (anything meaningful to you).

– Have paper and pen ready with you for the session.

(Although the above points are strongly recommended but not compulsory.)

After you registered, please watch out for emails from info@reikimove.com, as I will send you event specific preparation points – you may find useful ahead of start.

I look forward to experiencing this magical energy together with you!

Email us to register your interest: info@reikimove.com