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We are Fundraising for WWF, please help us to support climate change projects, protecting our beautiful home – Planet Earth

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The most inspiring Global Holistic Event

We are inviting you to join ReikiMove’s Virtual Open Day, to experience the World of Energy. Learn about your Biofield and participate in fun and exciting spiritual practices with world-class healers across the globe! We brought a wide range of healing practices and educational sessions under one roof – why not try them all?

As we know ‘everything is energy’. Experience how much power you have in the moment! Tap into the world of energy with us and notice all the little ‘miracles’ starting to happen for you! It is like a domino effect on an energetic level – if one thing changes, everything changes. 

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! We are proud to present our phenomenal line-up for the day;


Intro to the Human Energy Body

Learn about your Energy body, the main energy currents, and their importance.

Activating the 7 Chakras 
Gentle movements, releasing toxic energies and opening the 7 main energy centres of the body (so called chakras) to feel balanced and centred.

Acupressure for Everyday Life DIY 
Easy every-day tools that allow an opportunity to re-set our energies. Acupressure for well-being to address headaches, pain, stress or anxiousness. Tapping- to stimulate flow in our meridian channels.

Relax & Heal – Meditation & Reiki 
Relax your Mind & Body. Allow us to take you away on an imaginary trip into our Galaxy, while you recharge and receive Distance Reiki, for your highest and greatest good.

Emotional Revival 
Bringing emotions back to a healthy balance on the physical, mental and spiritual levels – healthy emotions to support our wellbeing.

Building Self-Love 
Inviting in love, joy and compassion into our life. Releasing anything that no longer serves you.

Breaking the auto-pilot, Mindfulness 
Being present is where true healing and spiritual journey starts. Break it down to basics and learn simple techniques to live a more mindful life.

Letting go of Fear (Root Chakra) 
Feeling Fear and Lack of Trust can get the Root Chakra out of balance. This Root chakra activation session will focus on releasing Fear on an energetic level to get you back into balance and make you feel grounded.

Hormone Balance (Sacral Chakra) 
Harmonising hormones the natural way in our stressful world. Learn how to influence the hormone secreting activities of the endocrine system through chakra energy and crystal healing.

Time to PLAY! 
Trust, Connect, Create. Confidence building through trusting our inner and outer lightheartedness. Includes
some optional gentle vocalisation 🙂 
“Suffused with humour, love and lightness” (Previous participant)

Because You Can (Solar Plexus Chakra) 
Get your power back and know you can achieve anything you set your mind and heart to it. This session will activate your Solar Plexus Chakra, to feel more energised.

Accessing Universal Love (Heart Chakra) 
Universal Love is the ‘glue of the Universe’. It is unconditional and available to every single one of us. Heal scars from past relationships, Open your Heart to attract Love!

Express (Throat Chakra) 
Hear your truth and Express freely. Includes optional gentle holistic voice work. No prior vocal experience needed. Previous participant: “I felt a sense of release and I was able to open up and be myself.”

Reconnecting with Nature (The 4 Elements) 
Connect with Mother Earth and use the 4 main elements for chakra balancing: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Exciting fusion class, working with multiple chakras of the body – to leave you recharged and uplifted.

Crystal Charging & Healing 
Let’s charge our crystals! Bring your crystals / gemstones along and learn best practices for cleansing, charging and healing. Hear tips on how to choose your crystal and use it for chakra healing.

Manifestation Ritual (Third Eye Chakra) 
We can make our dreams come true. It’s not purely wishing for something, it is something in your control. Learn powerful manifestation techniques and experience your Third Eye Chakra opening (for your intuition and clear vision).

Meeting Your Higher-Self (Crown Chakra) 
Take your Spiritual Journey to the next level, upgrade your consciousness and meet your Higher-Self. Open your Crown Chakra and receive Distance Reiki through a relaxing meditation. 

Next Steps for the ‘New You’ 
Suggestions and recommendations from the ReikiMove team, on best practices for implementing learned techniques into your daily routine – for your Spiritual Growth on your journey.

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The ReikiMove Instructor Team is a group of passionate Certified Reiki Masters and Healers.

Each individual brings a special skillset and area of knowledge to offer you diversity and highest standards in holistic healing.

Please feel free to visit ‘Our Healers’ page for more details.

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We promise to make this day special for you.

Although it is a free event, we would really appreciate your help in raising funds for the ‘Climate Crisis Fund’ of WWF.

Healing Ourselves – Healing the World

‘Just Feel It…!’