Rosie Durham

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Crawley, West Sussex, UK

My purpose is to help others achieve a calmer and deeper connection between mind and body.  When the body and mind are in balance, we restore our natural health and wellbeing bringing about positive change and wonderful possibilities. ReikiMove©  healing flows, peace and balance follow.

I am a Reiki Master/Trainer and have been practising Holistic Therapies for over 10 years,
My passion is helping people become the best that they can be by using Touch and Energy Therapy healing. I believe health and wellbeing come when our Physical, Spiritual and Emotional bodies are balanced and working in beautiful harmony. Reiki energy healing and mindfulness bring about real change, I am honoured to help those that are seeking to improve and soothe.

I look forward to meeting and supporting you in a ReikiMove session where I will take you on a journey of calm and peace using the wonderful healing energy of Reiki.



Phone: +44(0)7920575182