Full Moon Ritual / Release & Manifest event 23 July

I love our Group Selfie!

Today’s full moon in Aquarius is putting our emotions and relationships into the ‘Cosmic Spotlight’. Perfect time to release bonds not serving you any longer and through reconnecting with your true-self, attracting the right people and events into your life.

Allow the energy of the Full Moon to illuminate what you need to keep and what you need to let go of and embrace the ever changing nature of the universe to serve your highest self!

When it comes to manifesting I realise the biggest mistake we may do (and happens to me too) is that we focus on what we ‘want’… if we’re able to manifest from a true open heart-space where we can let go of our ‘ego’, then I believe we can be in true alignment with the universe and the journey which was meant to be for us.

It’s been a wonderful experience to connect with you all today, I always walk away from each session learning something new about myself or life in general… Please feel free to reach out share your experience here with us! (Connect in our ReikiMove Community group on Facebook!)

Spread your special Light into every corner of your life and trust the universe, trust the change…

‘Just Feel It…!’