Reikimove Instructor Course

ReikiMove® Instructor Training


ReikiMove is a registered brand in energy healing and has opened its gates to all the dedicated talents of the world, who would like to learn more about the power of Reiki and Chakra Healing, have the opportunity to teach it to people (online / in-person) and make it a successful business.

Chakra Activation + Meditation + Reiki

It’s a new concept to get the most effective mix of healing modalities bring your Mind & Body into Balance. We work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time, for a true transformation in your life. ‘Just Feel It…!’


This course is perfect for you if;

  • you are already a Reiki Practitioner or Master (minimum requirement for the course: Reiki Level 2 certificate)
  • to learn more about your energy body and learn how to balance your chakras (energy centres),
  • if you are looking for an online solution to run group sessions with the intention of healing people
  • to run a successful online business, attract more clients even during times of pandemic
  • if you are ready to take your healing experience to the next level and offer new services to your clients
  • you would like to belong to a community of like-minded people and get mutual support from this global network
It is not a magic power, it is something we all have access to and can use. Step into the world of energy, be present and notice what your body is telling you. ‘Just Feel It…!’
Your journey doesn’t finish with receiving the certificate – it’s only just begun! Our goal is to create a mutually supportive community of healers / instructors who will be able to provide you after-care and guidance on setting up your healing business (in case you are new to this). If you already have your own business and looking for a new addition of services, you will have the option to become a local ReikiMove representative, owning the brand! We will offer you free mentoring and training sessions for your continuous growth & development. We are building a global brand that clients can trust and we are growing together, as a team, as a family – setting standards high.

Next Course dates are to be confirmed for 2023

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Please see the Training Agenda and Modules below;

Day 1

1.) Reiki origins & the Principals

3.) ReikiMove origins and values

4.) Intro to the Energy Body – The 7 Chakras

5.) Chakra Activation Movements 

Day 2

6.) Meditation guidelines

7.) Distance Reiki – introducing a new symbol

8.) Sample sessions

9.) Teaching and Business advice


To Pass the course: 15-20 mins brief sample video of you running the session. You will receive your certificate within 3 days after submitting your video to

As a Certified ReikiMove Instructor you will have the opportunity to run both online / in-person healing training sessions for the greatest and highest good of humanity.



ReikiMove is a simplified and flexible Franchise system to make it suitable for everyone who wish to join and represent the brand. The healers / instructors are all independent owners of their own business and ReikiMove adds an additional layer to the services they provide, therefore receiving this certification wouldn’t interfere or require any necessary changes to their current business set up. The Monthly fixed licence feel will grant them access to the brand, materials and future trainings. The ReikiMove Instructors will take care of their own insurance and business administration required in their own region, based on local jurisdictions. 

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Diana Bereczki

Reiki Master
Energy Healing Therapist, MSC

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