Japanese Revival


Rejuvenate your Skin – Relax your Mind – Recharge your Body

This special experience is deeply recharging on many levels: working on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time. The Japenese style healing program is perfect for you if you are looking for a reiki therapy and also like to enjoy a bit of pampering during relaxation.

You will be in good hands with the guidance of your Reiki Master, Meditation Coach and Beauty Therapist, all in one person.

The Japanese Revival includes 3 main elements;

1.) Rice Face Mask: We will apply this natural homemade remedy together to freshly cleaned face. It is made of 100% organic ingredients: rice, milk and honey. Experience the benefits of the popular Japanese rice mask: it has exfoliating property, rice water hydrates and regenerates the skin. Due to its high inositol content, it helps to slow down aging and improves blood circulation. Honey and milk will enhance the deep moisturising and rejuvenating effect on the skin.

2.) Sencha Ceremony: You will enjoy a fresh sencha tea, before and after a relaxing meditation, helping you ground in the moment, detox and recharge. The tea is made from high quality organic Japanese loose sencha leaf (imported from Japan). Sencha is considered as the most popular green tea in Japan, well known for its health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, have powerful medicinal properties, it has the ability to fight chronic diseases, aid in weight loss, protect the immune system, increase energy, and stimulate cognitive activity.

3.) Reiki: During a guided meditation the Reiki master will share relaxing and healing ‘life-force energy’ (reiki) with you, to take your revival experience to the next level. Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing technique which works on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time. The healing energy can break away toxic energies and negative thoughts and will restore healthy energy flow to make you feel more recharged, calm, focused and positive. Smooth music and nature sounds will help you stay grounded and to keep all your senses engaged during your relaxation. Reiki will increase the vibrations of each cell of your body and will boost the healing effect of the rice face mask and sencha tea.

You will be guided back into your environment in a gentle way, enjoying another sip of your lovely refreshing sencha tea, helping you find the ground again and noticing the positive shift, the New You!

You will finish the experience with the powerful ‘Breath of Joy’ exercise, to activate the heart chakra and leave you on high energy and positive mood.


1 hour treatment: £105
1.5 hour treatment: £140

Package offer: Get 3 for 2

3 sessions of 2 hour treatment: £210
3 sessions of 1.5 hour treatment: £280

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