Chakra Activation + Meditation + Reiki

NEW Concept – Working on the Physical Body & Energy Body at the same time.
ReikiMove has a complex structure, with the aim of getting the most effective mix of practices to bring your Mind & Body into Balance. We work on a physical, emotional and spiritual level at the same time, for a true transformation in your life.

Chakra balancing

Chakras are the energy centres of the body that helps the healthy energy flow within your body and supports your emotional and physical health. Working on our Energy body is just as important as working on our physical body, as any negative emotions we experience will have an effect on the related energy centre which can create chakra blockages and can result in illnesses and diseases. 
This practice will help you to quiet the mind and connect to your body better and really listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Your body is the perfect sensor of all vibrations around you and will create certain feelings and emotions to help you towards success and happiness. With regular practice you will be sharpening your senses.

Session structure

1.) Grounding & Breathwork – We start each session with a mix of effective techniques to bring our awareness to the present moment, preparing the mind & body for the energy work.
2.) Chakra Activation Moves – We move with the Intention of opening, activating and balancing each energy centre of the body (chakras). When the chakras are open, the energy can flow freely, with positive effects for both the mind and the body. The mindful movements will also awaken the physical body, increase blood circulation, release stress and recharge.
3.) Meditation & Reiki – Practice of quieting the mind. During a guided meditation allowing healing transformations to take place while we relax and enjoy to be fully present. Reiki Energy will flow in distance to You, for your deeper relaxation and for your highest and greatest good.
Your body and mind will release all the negative energies, helping you let go of the negative patterns you may have in your life.
Positive transformation will start on both a physical and emotional level, that you will notice right after the first class – feeling uplifted, calmer and more confident.
With regular practice you will build a higher level of awareness and consciousness, will master the magic of manifestation and you will give the biggest gift to yourself – by feeling complete & free.


£80 per 1 hour private session

Package offer:

3 private sessions: £205

5 private sessions: £320 – Get one session for FREE!

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