Surrender & Let Go…

How are you doing? Actually I should ask ‘How are you feeling’? Being aware of of our feelings will raise our consciousness more – compared to observing our thoughts… I found it an interesting fact!

Today I had a difficult day. You know when you get out of bed full of energy and lots of things to tick off on your to-do list and not one thing can go according to plans… To give you an example I was setting up for a live streaming today to connect with you all on our Community group and YouTube channel, I was setting up the lights and a little accident happened. I twisted my ankle and then my light fell over the floor damaging the brand new flooring!! I could feel the anger frustration rising in me – which I believe is normal in this situation… and it did put me to the test, now you show it, how do you actually let go?? And you have to be quick because you have to go live in 10 mins lol…

Yes Letting go can be difficult and there are so many negative events which can trigger these… but as you can see on my above not so much fun example, unfortunately there are events we simply cannot control! So what can we do to make our life a happier and more peaceful place, where our mood doesn’t depend on these negative events, triggering negative emotions. I personally find the following techniques the most useful, and I hope these will help you to release them when needed.

  1. Don’t fight it, Sit with it and FACE IT! We need to brave it and be truly honest with ourselves, but trust me the magic will happen right after. Take a time out, breath, close your eyes and simple observe how ‘that event’ is making you feel, simply observe and watch what is happening in your body. Can you feel tension or pain anywhere?

2. Surrender to the feeling, allow it to be with you just for a little while. Everything changes once you stop fighting it and you sit in the observer seat, where you allow the feeling to come up to the surface.

3. Simply ask yourself the question “Why am I holding onto this energy?”, “What would it take to release this for good…?”

4. Set your intention on Letting it Go – Take a Deep Inhale and as you Exhale feel the energy leaving you. You can even visualise the event getting further and further away from you. Then notice how your body feels, notice the change.

5. A change of perspective can be a very powerful tool in letting go. Notice what you learned from this? What is your take away? Did that life experience contribute to who you are today? Did that help you grow on any level? Feel the gratitude growing in your heart, allow this energy to spread through your entire being for a couple of breaths.

You may need to repeat this exercise a couple of times, depending of what the route of the issue is, but the more you work on it, the more you are willing to surrender and release this energy which is not serving you anymore, the quicker and easier it gets. It is a fun practice if you do it on a daily basis and notice the triggers which your body respond to. You will find you have much more power in the moment as it is always a matter of choice.

I find it the true pathway to inner freedom and happiness by choice.

I definitely had my key take-aways from this mornings mistakes, and started my live giggling about the unexpected yet beautiful rollercoaster ride, called ‘life’ – as s**t happens.