Our First International Open Day

Huge gratitude to all the amazing ReikiMove Instructors and participants of our first Open Day, the ‘Experience your Energy’ charity event! What an experience!!! What an achievement!!! 🙌

Together we completed 9 hours of Energy Healing, with 9 ReikiMove Instructors, on 3 continents, at 1 Global Event – For 1 Good Cause! 🥳 It was a real ‘Energy Healing Marathon’…!

I was overwhelmed by the amount of support from each instructor, putting their hands up willing to run entirely Free sessions, to reach people who need healing the most, to introduce ReikiMove to the world and to support an amazing cause, saving our beautiful planet Earth – we supported the WWF’s Climate Crisis Fund.

Thank you for all the donations and the lovely feedback, together we truly made a difference! So many of you completed ALL the sessions, which is truly incredible…

We hope you enjoyed the day and hope to see you at future Live Sessions! 😉