21 Day Personalised program

21 Day Personalised program

I believe you are here for a reason today… We all have our ‘Divine Right Time’ to open up to the world of energy and take our understanding on the World and on ourselves to the next level.

It all starts with the very basic fact: ‘Energy is all that is’. 

We like to think that by distracting ourselves, going into denial and wearing all sorts of masks in the society will help to eliminate our traumas from the past and we can just ‘get on with our lives’. As we weren’t told how we could do any better.

The truth is that all negative emotions and experiences are attached onto our energy body and will create negative patterns in our lives if we don’t learn to deal with these situations on an energetic level. Your energy body is the code system to your true self, keeping you in direct contact with the Divine Source, and avoiding addressing the issues will first cause chakra blockages (imbalances), which may later result in illness or disease in the physical body.

This Personalised program is designed mainly for preventative purposes, but also to treat any possible traumas that you might be still holding onto within your energy body and will give you an easy to use map to treat the very ‘Root’ of the issues and create balance and harmony in your life. This self-empowering program will help you deal with anxiety, stress, fatigue, and will allow you to enjoy the positive effects of the energy upgrade whilst your mind & body will adjust to higher frequency levels. Become more focused, energised, more creative and confident – last but not least: Loved and Complete.

The answer is not outside in this world, it lies Inside of You. In this 21 Day Personalised Program you will learn about your own energy body and will take away powerful techniques to release toxic energies on a daily basis and use healing and mindfulness techniques to bounce back with more energy and positive spirit than ever before. 

As part of the program, you will be connected to the Source of Energy (“Life-Force” or “Reiki”) in the last week of your program, and will be able to use self-healing for your own personal emotional and physical wellbeing going forward whenever you need it. Some of the many practical skills you will learn are; chakra activation, grounding, meditation, toxic energy release, instant recharging, manifestation, Reiki self-healing.

I am here to give you a guiding hand. I am very proud to say that I witnessed the positive transformation for so many and now it may be your turn… Are you ready?

What are the so called chakras and why are they important in this program?

Chakras are the energy centres of the body that help the healthy energy flow within your body and support your emotional and physical health. Working on our Energy body is just as important as working on our physical body, as any negative emotions we experience will have an effect on the related energy centre which can create chakra blockages and can result in illnesses and diseases. 

At the heart of this program stand the 7 main energy centres of the human energy body (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra), they are like the organs of the energy body – this is our starting point for healing. 

Chakra opening exercises help to activate the energy flow and restore balance in the energy body. Chakra balancing will help to quiet the mind and connect to your body better and  listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Your body is the perfect sensor of all vibrations around you. With regular practice and a bit of mindfulness you will be sharpening your senses, developing a “6th sense” to the world.

Would 21 days of work worth a long and happy life?

We will be creating a new Lifestyle, a new way of looking at everything around you, which actually starts with the way you look at Yourself.

As there’s no 1 fit all solution, I will create Your Personalised Program which would start with a brief Chakra Assessment, to detect any imbalances in your energy body and where we need to focus on during your healing program.

How does the 21 Day look like and how much time and effort you need to dedicate?

Yes dedication will definitely help and the Willingness to Open up to your truth and the willingness to change – BUT I’m here to give you a helping help… Giving you the exact points to chakra activation exercises, powerful mindfulness and meditation techniques.

Regularity is everything. I have created an easy to follow routine, which can be easily implement when it best fits you (with your morning coffee, on your way to work or lunch break at work), there are multiple easy options you can choose from to make the transition easy, fun and effective.  Only 10 minutes of practice each day, can create a noticeable positive shift in your mood and energy levels.

What is the structure of the 21 day program? Which topics will we touch upon?

During the 3 weeks we will cover the below topics each week;

Week 1:  Dropping the baggage – anything that doesn’t serve you anymore, learn to let go. Letting go is the single most important element in being able to keep the energy body in balance and requires a training of the mind on a regular basis to do it effectively.

Week 2:  Getting your Power back – feel empowered and release any self-doubt or fear. On an energetic level when you are happy, when your actions are in line with your passion and desire than a magical shift happens on an energetic level, you are becoming a ‘Living Magnet’ of your dreams.

Week 3: Spiritual Connection – Higher level of consciousness and understanding, manifesting the life you want. Manifestation has always been a popular topic, but it is NOT ENOUGH to ‘Wish for something’, there’s something much more powerful to understand on the law of attraction, to avoid any failures, you will learn the right technique which works.

The program will give you access to 3 consultations (either in person or online). You will have the opportunity to go through your weekly program and discuss any questions you may have along the way. 

✔  Create a new healthier lifestyle and find happiness in the present moment

✔  Learn to manage stress and some effective techniques to deal with negative emotions

✔  Raise your vibrations and use the power of your energy body to reach your goals in life

Your daily personalised routine will only require 5 minutes each morning and evening. A routine that will easily blend into your hectic daily life.

Diary based program – practical tips for morning and evening routines

Daily challenges and treats – decluttering the mind and recharging the body

Habit tracker – a step-by-step approach to materialise your success


21 Day Mindfulness Program: £240

– chakra assessment
– personalised program for 21 days
– 3 consultations (in-person /online) 

21 Day Mindfulness Program & Reiki therapy: £320

– chakra assessment
– personalised program for 21 days
– 3 consultations plus 1 closing reiki (in-person /online)
– 4 x 30 mins Reiki Therapy 

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