Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy

Consultation and Reiki Treatment

The reiki treatment includes a brief consultation and hands-on body therapy with guided meditation for your complete relaxation.

1 Hour Treatment – Agenda:

  • Consultation (10 mins)
  • Reiki Therapy (45 mins)
  • Grounding & breathwork after treatment (5 mins)

Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing technique, restoring balance and healing any emotional or physical pain by channelling the so called ‘life-force energy’ into the chakras, the energy centres of your body. Reiki has no downside risk, it speeds up the body’s natural healing abilities. The traditional reiki treatment is applied either hands-on or hands-off (hands-off therapy applied during COVID times, for your safety).



£75 per 1 hour treatment

Package offer:

3 sessions: £199

5 sessions: £300 – Get one treatment for FREE!

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